When Bobby G. has trouble on being fight-scanario with his friends,he decides to sign up for a karate concert in a chinese stadium. However,some of his parts there are not his very best. At dinnerdusk,Bobby chops Derek in the elbow or arm. Next day isn't any better. Bobby has a scanario against Lou,Kevin & Cosmoe. In the principal's office, Martha comes in & threatens Bobby that if Bobby himself hits anyone another time,especially a too soon one,Martha will give Bobby's butt a vunreble promise of pain within sitting down by a painful spanking. At home,Bobby teases Jacky & Jacky herself punches Bobby's face to end up within a black eye. Instead, Bobby & Jacky both think that it's not worthit against violence.

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Karate Bobby


Perv. Jets,Choo,Choos & Cars

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A day with dad


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